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$900 Skateboard

I took my Kenny Hardwork Original customized skateboard to Zumiez in Jersey City to put on gold trucks, Kenny Hardwork Better Sk8 Wheels, Grip, and Bones Bearings. 
Total value is $900

General Boss Hog

Check out this custom painted bike helmet i did. My comrads from Underground Convention came to me about painting a helmet for Harley Davidson NYC Shop and I couldn't resist. First thing that came to mind was America,  Vet, Biker, Rebel all of which are some things about me. I was then trying to decide between an American Eagle or a Rebel Boss Hog. After a quick sketch of the 2, I decided to go with the hog plus the eagle has been done plenty of times on almost everything.

Walk of Art NYC ft.. Kenny Hardwork

I was invited to teach kids an artistic skill by *Walk Of Art at Low Brow Artiques in Brooklyn NY 4.4.2014. It was an honor and pleasure to work with them as well as the talented kids that came, was attentive, and caught on pretty fast. We talked, sketched painted and sketched again. It was a awesome and memorable time.  

*Walk of Art Kids program is an educational component that provides a first rate, hands on arts education experience for children across the city.